Community Activities.

Community Activities.

So Much To Do!

The lifestyle at Park Manor is as active and engaging as you want it to be! Just step outside your door and opportunities abound, both on site and off. Fitness classes. Book clubs. Trips to local areas of interest. Golf. Bridge tournaments and card games. Shopping. One thing is certain: at Park Manor, you need never be bored.

Travel & Trips 

Whether you've set your sights on art, music or dining, Park Manor makes it easier than ever. We are always up for suggestions on how we can improve the resident experience and we welcome any recommendations you may have for seeing the sites and visiting attractions. You will find much delight in our regularly scheduled trips to local points of interest. Our chauffeured travel bus will deliver you safely and comfortably giving you all the benefits of exciting travel but without any of the hassle. Just sign up and we'll do all the planning.


Besides the Park Manor arrangements, if your own travel interests take you beyond the Tennessee area, our receptionist will be happy to help you make your plans.

Here is a sample of some of the locations you may enjoy visiting:

  • Bicentennial Mall & Farmer's Market
  • Chaffin's Dinner Theater
  • Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art
  • Cumberland Science Museum
  •  New Downtown Library
  • Frist Center for the Visual Arts
  • The Hermitage - Home to Andrew Jackson
  • Historic Tour
  • Nashville Tours
  • Nashville Zoo
  • Opry Mills Mall
  • Parthenon
  • The Renaissance Center
  • State Parks
  • Tennessee Central Railway Museum & Excursions
  • The Tennessee State Museum


Fitness isn't just limited to exercise. At Park Manor we believe that fitness is a philosophy. It's a new decision process, which flows into all areas of a person's life. It leads to a sharper mind and a healthier body and spirit. It is a learning process with rich rewards along the way and long term results that truly make a difference. Park Manor's specially designed Park Manor fitness program is a complete package offering the education and exercise needed to strengthen personal wellness.

A selection of our programs includes:

  • Park Manor Fitness Center
  • Daily exercise program
  • Senior Golf - within 2 miles
  • On Site walking paths
  • Medical professional seminars
  • Flu shots and vaccinations
  • Stretching programs
  • Video instruction: advanced and sitting exercises
  • Resource Center
  • Wii Golf and Bowling

Your Taste of the Park Manor Lifestyle

You don’t have to be a resident of Park Manor to enjoy its enriching lifestyle. We welcome Nashville seniors to join our Luncheon Club and get a taste of Park Manor for themselves.

The Luncheon Club

The Luncheon Club at Park Manor is an opportunity for those who live outside of our community to sample the Park Manor lifestyle. It’s a great way to enjoy the company of our interesting residents while sharing activities, great conversation and a delicious, healthy lunch.

Membership Dues & Hours

Membership to The Luncheon Club is available for a low fee of $50 per month (plus meals). Come and spend the day with us from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and enjoy lunch and any activities that are happening that day. Can’t get to us? We’ll come to you. Limited transportation is available for just $5 per round trip.

Come experience the Park Manor Lifestyle . . . you’ll be glad you did!

For information, call us at 615.383.7303.