Senior watering indoor plants
May 10 2019
Gardening is a hobby that many enjoy. From vegetables to florals to succulents and more, gardening is a great de-stressor, gives you a chance to explore your creativity and create a nice atmosphere.
Maid assistant service folding towels
Apr 11 2019
Being independent is a desire we all have, no matter how young or old we are. Yet as we age, it becomes more and more difficult to live independently without a little help. Many seniors can push this
Bowl of healthy fruits and vegetables
Mar 07 2019
People these days are living longer and longer, which is why we’re seeing such a focus on healthy aging. In order to help keep medical costs as low as possible and remain active in their retirement
Senior couple playing chess
Feb 08 2019
Most of us can’t wait to retire. Who hasn’t daydreamed of relaxing on the beach during a particularly grueling day of work, or sat through a meeting, counting the things you’ll finally have the time
Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Retirees
Jan 14 2019
Is retirement in the air for you? Whether you’re planning to retire in 2019, have already retired and are looking forward to this next chapter of your life, or if you’ve been work-free for years,
Elderly woman speaking to nurse
Jan 08 2019
By Judy Given, Abe’s Garden and Park Manor Director of Campus Development I recently spoke with a man looking for support in figuring out what his mother currently needs. She’s a 90-year old with
Why You Should Spend the Holidays with Your Senior Loved One
Dec 10 2018
If you have a senior loved one in your family whom you see infrequently, consider spending some time with him or her this holiday season. This time of year is perfect for gathering with the people we
Senior woman playing scrabble with younger woman
Nov 12 2018
Think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Guess again. While many people might expect that all the newfangled technology is for “the young’uns,” the truth is that seniors are embracing the digital
Oct 16 2018
“I don’t want to move into a home when I get old. I want to stay in my own house!” Have you heard this phrase before? You may have even said it yourself, if you’re a senior who’s making plans on how
Sep 11 2018
Minimalist living is the “hot” thing to do these days, and more and more people are turning from massive McMansions to smaller, more affordable spaces that require less work and less money. And while