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Live Your Healthiest Life

Fitness isn't just limited to exercise. At Park Manor, we believe that fitness is a philosophy. It's a new decision process that flows into all areas of a person's life. It leads to a sharper mind and a healthier body and spirit. It is a learning process with rich rewards along the way and long-term results that truly make a difference. Park Manor's specially designed fitness program is a complete package offering the education and exercise needed to strengthen personal wellness.

A selection of our programs includes:

  • Park Manor Fitness Center
  • Daily Exercise Program
  • Senior Golf – Within Two Miles
  • Medical Professional Seminars
  • Flu Shots and Vaccinations
  • Stretching Programs
  • Resource Center
  • Wii® Golf and Bowling
  • Access to a Personal Trainer On Site
  • Access to On Site Massage
  • Tai Chi
  • Barre Exercises
  • Maintenance Plan: Work with physical therapist to set up an individualized exercise program to maintain improvements following physical therapy (for an additional fee).

At Park Manor, we believe in promoting health and wellness so you can thrive in this exciting, vibrant community. Quite simply, we want you to live well. To us, that means more than living in beautiful surroundings complemented by services and amenities.

Living well means staying active and independent.

At Park Manor, we help you do just that by offering you a wide variety of educational and exercise programs to strengthen personal wellness. A few examples of how we keep you moving:

  • Daily Exercise Programs
  • Equipped Fitness Center
  • Walking Club           
  • Fitness Maintenance Program
    ($25 per week to use equipment under supervision of Wellness Center staff)
  • Local Golf and Swimming
  • Health Seminars

New residents are invited to a free screening to see if they would benefit from fall prevention, strengthening, balance or pain management. Should there come a time that you require physical, occupational or speech therapies – or massages following an injury or an illness – you can receive care by simply visiting our Wellness Center.

We have a fantastic Fitness Maintenance Program ($25 per week to use equipment) that is under supervision of Wellness Center staff.

Together, we'll help you get back to health ... and back to living well.